Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gabe & Letters

My kid loves to practice writing his letters. On a good day, he'll sit for about an hour and write out lines and lines of three different letters. For each one, we'll practice writing it, making the sounds and thinking of words that correspond with that sound. Everyday we add a new letter or set of letters and everyday it seems like he's figuring out how to spell new words from the sounds.

"Mom, does Zander have a 'A' in it? z-AAA-nder. Hey, we both have A's!"

"Mom, Dad and Dog start with the same letter! They make the same sound!"

While we were waiting outside of the Immunization desk at our clinic, he saw the word "IMMUNIZATION" spelled out and told me all about how this word has three I's and a Z like Zander and an A like Gabe.

I could not be happier that he has such an interest in letters and words! I am so proud that he can already spell his name out loud and write it without any prompting (well, Gabe at least). It warms my heart!!

Next stop, reading!!


  1. Awe, yay Gabe! <3 Great to hear--I can't wait till he's able to start reading books on his own and what not =] Miss you guys!

  2. Way to go, Gabe. The whole world is on your door step when you can read. Keep up the good work. Love and miss you lots and lots.