Thursday, December 23, 2010

First-Date questions

The other day, I was just cruising around the internet and I always read the headlines on yahoo's homepage. They have some of the weirdest stories that they always put right next to headline news. There was an article someone had written about the most current version of first-date questions and it piqued my interest. As I have been married for eons now (at least it feels that way sometimes), it's been a very long time since I've had to think of first-date questions. In fact, even on our first date, I didn't have to think or answer any of those questions because my last first date was to a ROTC military ball in which I could barely even talk to Matt because of the whole ceremony thing going on... Definitely not the best first date idea if you're trying to get to know someone.

Anyway, I opened the link because, like I said, I was curious about questions you're supposed to ask nowadays. And it was very interesting. It said that instead of asking the informal "What to do you for a job? What do you do for fun?" questions, to ask more personal ones from which you can learn about their personality. It requires a little more finesse to ask these questions that indirectly tell you about a person's hopes and dreams, but it breaks the monotony of the question ritual.

Some examples included: "What's your favorite scene from your favorite movie?" And "If money were no object, what would you buy or do?" Then there's also the gutsier "What was your most embarrassing moment in high school?"

And it was interesting. As I was reading them, I found myself thinking of what my answers would be and so I asked Matt the questions. Some of them I could guess - favorite scene of favorite movie is in Saving Private Ryan when Tom Hank's character says to Private Ryan "Earn this." And then some of them surprised me that we agreed on, like what we would do if money were no object - travel Europe. Matt, of course, was interested in visiting all the WWII cemeteries and battlegrounds in Europe. I would be more interested in the art and architecture aspect.

I guess I don't really know why I'm posting this, I just thought it was interesting and that those seemingly obscure questions do really shed some light on a person's personality. Obviously, from Matt's answers you can tell he's extremely patriotic and devoted to his country - one of the reasons I fell for him.

I don't know, just thought it was interesting.

So, what's your favorite scene from your favorite movie?

Mine is in the next post.

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