Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In Genna's brain... wondering how smart is was of Matt and I to get Gabe this Lego advent calendar. Hmm... While we have a permanent advent calendar that you can fill with whatever, we saw this at the PX and jumped on it. He LOVES lego's (more than life) but has a hard time with the huge sets. Also, we're trying to lay off the big sets until we get back to the states and we can get him a table or work station where they can have a permanent home. As of right now, they are all spread out where ever he can find room to build. And we are starting to find random pieces everywhere. I love my first-born very much, but I do NOT love stepping on teeny tiny lego's or vacuuming on accident and then having to try and find them amidst all the dust and vacuum-stuff.

...loves Michigan State basketball. I think I love it more than football, which is strange since I've loved football forever. There's just something about it, I can't describe it. I think it's much more of an adrenaline rush. All that back and forth. We tossed around naming Zander "Lucas" or "Travis" after Kalin Lucas and Travis Walton (basketball players from MSU) for a little while. But I would have broken too many of my baby name rules. There are so many, but for a good reason. No naming after a celebrity (might not seem like a celebrity to you, but they're still more famous than a random person off the street)and no names in the top 100. We (meaning I) ultimately decided against it (obviously). I can't go changing my rules. Matt just didn't like 'em that much. Too bad "Tom" is taken by a relative and common. Izzo would just be wrong. That's how much I love you Michigan State, almost enough to name my second-born after you. Almost. much room will there be in my brain when I have to stop thinking about time zones and currency. When I wake up, I look at the clock and immediately subtract 2 hours and inverse the am to pm to figure out what EST is. After eating breakfast, I check again, do I still have enough time to call people before it gets too late stateside? Lately, I've been converting time in my head to Central Time - so I can talk to Krystal in KS and Kristen in TX. That's subtract 3 hours, inverse the am/pm. Trying to figure out when a show in the states will be playing live here (if AFN even covers it) - add two hours (depending on the time zone) and inverse the pm/am. The Lightening Deals on Amazon really gave me a run for the money, since the times were all in Pacific time. Matt and I went a little crazy trying to convert that. Money's no different, as soon as I think dollars, I automatically gestimate won. Depending on the exchange rate, it's usually around 1,150 won to a $1. As we can only withdraw a set amount everyday from the ATM, getting rent money is a pain. Withdraw the set amount, get it converted. Withdraw the set amount another day, get it converted. Then gestimate how much more we need to withdraw from the ATM on the last day in order to have enough converted to cover our rent amount. Man, it's a good thing I'm good at math. It'll be nice to have all that room back in my brain once we get back stateside.

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