Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gwacheon Natural Science Museum videos

This is the video of Gabe chasing the fish and "splashing" in the water on the interactive floor. Can you imagine having this in your house? My boys would be entertained for life!

This was an experiment about how being in motion changes the trajectory of a flying object. The description that I could read said something like, If you're standing still and you throw a ball in the air it will come right back down to your hand, but if you are in a moving object and throw a ball, it changes the trajectory of the ball you throw. You'll notice the ball from the train that moves flies into the stationary train instead of landing back inside it's own tube. I feel educated now :)

This was the Tesla coil demonstration. I had absolutely no idea how loud it would be, so I suggest you turn down your speakers a little before you play this video. It scared the pants off Gabe and even though Zander didn't cry, I don't recommend this demonstration for small children. If they said anything about it being extremely loud or caution small children away from it, I had no idea. It was all in Korean.

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