Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lock up your daughters

Last Thursday, we hit the outlet mall right around the corner to stock up on fall and winter wear.  While it seemed a little crazy at the time (what with the 90 degree temperatures), I am immensely thankful we had enough forethought to plan ahead for the season change.  Now that there's been a high of 65 degrees, all those pants and long sleeves are coming in very useful. 

One of the last stores we hit was the Gap outlet.  After already accumulating quite a few outfits at Osh Kosh, Carters and Old Navy, we didn't really NEED anything at Gap, but it is Gap and it is an outlet.  That means you have to at least browse the selection. 

And am I glad I did!  I saw this shirt right away in the baby boy section and knew I had to have it.

See what I mean?  That face can melt hearts.  He can be so sweet and loving and helpful.  Zander has a natural charm factor.


Once you witness the destruction capabilities of the rest of his body, well. 

Let's just end there.

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