Saturday, October 8, 2011


I have been meaning to update this pretty much every day since the last post, but I guess life has gotten in the way. Life is crazy like that, getting in the way with it's twists and turns. While things haven't slowed down at all, the future is only going to get more hectic as October starts coming to a close. Try to keep up as I breeze over the last couple weeks.

- Matt flew in from South Korea and arrived on September 27th. We celebrated his arrival and birthday going to Buffalo Wild Wings. So good.

- We had a family and maternity photo shoot. The proofs of the pictures can be seen on my facebook. I promise to post the favorites on here as soon as I get the disc that has the full session on it.

- Matt and I took a tour at Shawnee Mission Medical Center, the hospital we've chosen to deliver at. This will be the first of our Brong babies delivered in a civilian hospital. Paperwork has been filled out and everything is ready for the arrival of Baby Brong #3.

- I am now being seen weekly by an OB/GYN, on Friday I was 37 weeks along. We are anxiously awaiting to see if baby girl is going to make an early appearance or if she'll be stubborn like her brothers and end up overdue.

- Before Matt left Korea, he was assigned orders to report to Fort Bliss, Texas (near El Paso) on November 10th. We haven't worked out the details of travelling to Texas yet. A lot of it depends on baby girl, when she makes her arrival and how that delivery goes.

- Gabe and Zander are both anxious for Halloween and are in possession of costumes. We decided on an Avengers theme this year, mostly because of the movie releases. Gabe chose to be Captain America, while we decided Thor and Zander's personalities were too similar to ignore.

- Gabe is doing fantastically in school. It's amazing how much he's learned even with it only being 3 hours a day. He's now reading three and four letter words at a time, sounding out words and starting to spell on his own. He has lots of friends that we hear about daily and has really come out of his shell. We are a little worried about how the transfer to Texas will affect him, but are hopeful that he'llbe able to make friends there as fast as he did here.

- Also in Gabe news, he has lost his first tooth, the bottom front left one. He still has three that are loose, the bottom front right and top front two. It will be interesting to see how he eats when they all are out. There is only one other friend at school that has lost a tooth and promptly told Gabe that the Tooth Fairy leaves a $100 bill under your pillow. Thankfully, Gabe was happy with the $1 bill his Tooth Fairy left.

In the meantime, we have been enjoying our family time. Zander is extremely happy to have his "Dada" back, as we all are.

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