Friday, November 18, 2011

Moving lessons learned

Things I've learned during this crazy moving process:

1.  Take advantage of green grassy areas and run kids, run!

2.  Pack at least one spare set of clothes for the whole family apart from your suitcase.  You never know when a juice box or diaper will explode everywhere and you don't really want to unpack everything to dig through the suitcase.

3.  Take and Toss cups and bowls, a travel container of wipes, hand sanitizer and chap stick are life savers.

4.  A crock pot is the best kitchen appliance you can have while waiting for your pots and pans to arrive.

5.  A microwave is a close second.

6.  While travelling through Texas and/or New Mexico, fill up at the closest gas station regardless the price per gallon.  It could be 100 miles to the next pump.

7.  Make sure to have spare batteries packed with the electronic toys.

8.  Have a back-up navigation plan (like app on your phone or atlas) when your Garmin loses signal as you approach what you think is your exit.

9.  Leave your camera out and accessible to take beautiful scenery or crazy cabin-fever kid pictures.

10.  Color Wonder markers are perfect time wasters.

11.  All restaurants and hotels should offer free WiFi.  Internet access really is a necessity.

12.  La Quinta Inn hotels are fantastically cheap and super kid and pet friendly.

13.  You can spread butter, peanut butter and nutella with the back of a spoon.

14.  Kid's safety scissors can cut through cardboard, it just takes a little muscle.

15.  A plastic cup is a perfectly acceptable ladle.

16.  Don't wear a black shirt while riding in the car with a yellow lab mix.

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