Thursday, December 15, 2011

Calla's Christmas photo shoot

Calla recently had her first experience with a Mamarazzi (that's the official name of us Mom's with fancy cameras) when I set up a space to take Christmas pictures.  It was a fairly easy set up, the most difficult part was finding good lighting.  As I'm no professional, I don't have all the fancy equipment, but I think they turned out beautifully.  I wanted the warmth in the colors and the blanket and tulle provided a good amount of texture.  Some of these I posted on facebook, but I like the viewer on this blog better.  You can see them in their original size and resolution.  I debated editting them with Photoshop and turning them black and white or vintage or adding them to a collage, but I think I like them the way they are.  I hope you enjoy them in all their glory, outtakes and all.

This is me testing out the lighting and settings on the camera pre-dress.

Sometimes you just need a little food to cheer you up.

Thank you to my husband for Calla's blue eyes.

She's working on the Walker women's death stare.

The set up.

She was watching me as I was trying to get over head shots.

Thanks to Krystal and Isabella for the dress!

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