Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year's Day

We spent New Year's Day outside at the playground in our housing area.  It's not much but we are thankful to have some place outside to burn off some energy.  The weather was a bit chillier than we originally thought so I'm glad the kids brought their jackets.  Their sunglasses are new too.  I had to buy a new pair after a small child that will remain nameless broke them in half.  After stepping on them.  Repeatedly.  But I won't name names.  I'm sure you can guess.  Anyway, while we were at the store getting me a new pair, everyone decided they needed new sunglasses.  We are now a sunglasses family.  That's what Gabe calls us.  He had to pick out an adult pair because his head is so ginormous, but the ends hang past the back of his head.  They look like soldier sunglasses (Matt's Oakley's), so he had to have them.  Zander has a pair with flames on the side (big surprise, right?).  His are children's size but are too big, so he figured out to wear them upside down to keep them on.  Crazy kid.

Gabe was too nervous to go any higher than this.

Zander discovered the joys of getting pushed on the swing.

Before we left, he had to try the big boy swing.  He did a pretty good job of balancing on the seat and hanging on.  It made me really nervous, so he didn't get to stay on very long.  I could just see him trying to be Superman and jumping off it.

Calla stayed in her car seat and enjoyed catching the sun rays in comfort.  She ended up getting a little too much sun and got her first minor sun burn on her forehead.  You can see the pinkness a little in this picture.  It wasn't anything too major or painful, but has prompted us to find a sun hat for her this weekend.

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