Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My 3 hearts

I love my kids.
I love my babies.

I love when Calla pushes her head up from her crib to see if I'm around.
I love that when I walk into a room, her face lights up when she sees me.
I love her laugh.

I love that she's discovered her toes.  And her toys.  And that she loves them.
I love the blueness of her eyes.  And the blondness of her hair.
I love that she's mine.

I love that something as easy as bubbles can make hours pass.
I love the happiness that this brings them.
I love this childhood innocence.
I love the memories that have been made.

I love Gabe's toothless grin.
I love that he's not afraid of making new friends.
I love his cowlick's.  And his big ears.  And his green eyes.
I love that he naturally fell into the big brother role.
I love that he's mine.

I love Zander's spunk.
I love the way he gallops when he runs.
I love his little voice.  And when he says "Hello" and "blue".
I love that he resembles my husband.
I love that he's mine.

They are my three hearts.  And I would be lost without them.

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