Saturday, March 3, 2012

Soccer games #2 and #3

Gabe had soccer games last Saturday and this past Thursday.  These twice a weeks are really starting to wear on us (what with the chilly winds at night), but thankfully Gabe is still just as excited as when he started the season.  He still gets a little anxious when he sees the ball headed his way.  I call it the soccer shuffle.  It seems like when any of the kids see the ball coming to them, they can't decide which foot to kick it with or if they should wait for the opponent to kick it or if they should block the kick.  The moment of panic, shock, confusion and excitement all at the same time that seems to freeze their brain.  "Wait, what do I do again?"  You can just see it in their faces.  It makes me happy.  And giggle a little.

He has decided that his favorite position to play is goalie.  I wasn't sure of why until he got to play it at the end of his game on Saturday.  Gabe's soccer team is really good.  Good enough that their defense and goalie doesn't get much action.  In fact, for the whole last part where Gabe got to play goalie, the ball didn't cross the center line of the field.  Not once.  Gabe stood in the goalie box and danced and goofed around.  While the assistant coach was trying to keep him focused, there was absolutely nothing for him to do other than dance around and dramatically die.  

Thank goodness that these coaches have the patience of saints.

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