Monday, May 28, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation with Gabe

Last Thursday was Gabe's Kindergarten graduation program.  Hard to believe my first born is already old enough to be graduating Kindergarten.  I knew it was coming, he's been singing the songs at home for a couple weeks already, but it is another thing to see your baby in a cap and semi-gown.  Really tugs on your heart strings.  I recorded it all to share with you.

The class sang numerous songs, they were all very cute.  I don't know why the preview makes them all look like they are ghostly white, I assure you the actual video footage is not like that.  In fact, it really is worth it to wait for the HD version to load.  One resounding trend you will notice with Gabe throughout all the videos is that he is always doing his own thing.  Rarely are his moves in time with the song or the rest of the kids.  He's just off in his world.  Doing what he wants.  And that is Gabe at his finest and the best description I can give for his personality.

I don't know the actual name of this song, but I do know it's the opening credits to the movie "Lilo and Stitch" (one of my all time favorites).  I love that the majority of the kids don't know the words.  

Here is the same song, but the teacher says "Show us your surf board moves boys!"  
Of course, Gabe does his own thing.  What a goon.

Singing the ABC's backwards.  Naturally.

"Yellow Submarine" made so popular by the Beatles.  Excuse the shakiness of the camera in the beginning, Matt was transferring me the camera and then I handed Calla off to him.  Also about halfway through, there's a pause in the singing and Gabe debuts as "The Captain" (I'm so proud!).  
He even gets lines ("At your stations!"  "A life of ease.")!

And then the ceremony.
Gabe's teacher put together a slideshow of pictures from throughout the year and put it to super sappy music and forced (okay we WILLINGLY watched) us to watch it while the kids got on their caps and semi-gowns.  After the slideshow, the pomp and circumstance started and the kids slowly walked back in.  

I personally love the board shorts with the cap and semi-gown.  
I feel like it's a look I'll be seeing again, like maybe at his high school graduation.

Kids names were called and one by one, they received their "diplomas".  

And then the last song was sung - "New York, New York", but the words were changed to "First Grade, First Grade."  "Start spreading the news.  We're leaving today.  We're going to be a part of it:  First grade, first grade."

Not a dry eye in the house.

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  1. Congratulations. Gabe! We are so proud of you.