Friday, October 19, 2012

Apple orchard and recipes

At the end of September, we went to a local apple orchard to stock up on some Michigan apples.  My kids LOVE apples and apple products.  I was really hoping we would be able to go out into the orchard and pick the apples, but because of the weather this year apple crops didn't do as well as previously.  The apples were already picked and sectioned into types and sizes.  The orchard also had a pumpkin patch and Halloween decorations and a playground, so it was still a lot of fun!

We have been making apple foods like crazy since getting our 1/2 bushel (about 20 lbs) of McIntosh apples.  What I love about apples is the natural sweetness.  Depending on the type of apple, sugar is not necessary especially when they are baked or cooked.  Apples go with so many other foods to create a salty-sweet combination.  They are the perfect blank canvas for any flavor profile and can be used in almost unlimited ways.

Here are links to recipes I have tried and/or are planning on making:

apple fruit leather
apples and peanut butter
apple peel twigs
baked apple chips
baked apples
crockpot apple sauce
Does your family have any favorite apple recipes?

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