Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fun with Halloween costumes

I am not the biggest fan of Halloween, but I always tell my kids that if we are going to dress up I want them to be similarly themed and that we have to go all out for the costume.  I guess I don't really feel that badly about paying the extra money for the accessories and nicer costume as my kids play 'dress up' year round.  Since the appearance of the Avengers in movies and toys, the boys have become obsessed.  Last year, they were Captain America and Thor so we thought it only appropriate if they suit up as the other half of the super hero team this year.

I give you Zander aka The Hulk -

Gabriel as Iron Man -

They both play their roles surprisingly well.  Gabe is arrogant and struts around aiming his repulsor at random objects.  Zander runs around, throwing his plastic fists and yelling "Hulk SMASH!"  

If there were ever two characters that fit my boys.

Calla has gone in another direction entirely.  She picked out her lady bug costume.  I promise, she did.  Her face lights up whenever she sees it and tries to wear it constantly.  I am going to have a hard time telling her "No" when she gets older.  Have you ever seen a lady bug so cute?  Me either.

I didn't even orchestrate this make shift photo shoot.  Surprising, I know!

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