Friday, June 28, 2013

Calla and her Daddy

Written around 3am last night -

I know you see Calla's pictures and think, "What an angel."  But let me tell you she can quickly turn into a screaming rage monster if she doesn't get her way.

She often wakes up in the middle of the night for a drink of milk, which is... fine.  I am not a fan but I would rather go back to sleep than fight her every night so I give in.  A little.  Tonight, I didn't give her how much she thought she needed.  

So she screamed.  And screamed.  "More drink.  More drink."  

And then a lot of ear piercing high pitched screaming that makes me wonder how I haven't gone deaf yet.

After about an hour of me telling her that I wasn't getting her more, to lay down and go back to sleep, I was about to cave when... My phone vibrated with a message from Matt.

taken in Michigan in September of last year
Calla is a Daddy's girl.  And as hard as Daddy fights, he just gets wrapped tighter around her little fingers.  So when Matt heard she had been screaming, he offered to get on Skype and soothe the savage beast.

The moment she saw his face - instant silence - and then "Dada!" 

Texas - May 2012
Then there was a lot of giggling as she pointed at the screen (I won't say who did the giggling), a lot of kisses blown to each other.  Calla "told" on me that I wouldn't get her more milk and she listened as Matt told her it was bedtime and to lay and snuggle Mommy.  Kisses were blown again and "Wuv you Dada.  Ni-ni."

And Calla went right to sleep after the call ended.

Michigan - March 2013
They have always been close.  And will always be close.  And I am thankful for that connection they have together.  Thankful that my baby girl has a Daddy she will always be able to count on, to rely on and to trust in.  Just like I have with my Dad.

taken in Michigan in September of last year

And God bless the inventor of Skype.

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