Thursday, June 27, 2013

Strawberry picking with the cousins

Last week, we had the pleasure of my husband's family staying with us for the week.  The cousins had lots of fun together and we planned many different adventures to keep the kids entertained.  

First on the list was strawberry picking.  I have wanted to do that since we got back to Michigan and was so glad to find an organic you-pick-it patch literally right down the road from us (DeLange's Redberry Farm).  We went the first day of the season and were overwhelmed with the amount of huge red berries we found!  It only took us about a 1/2 hour to find 16 quarts or 25 pounds of berries!

The kids thought it was great!  Zander and Calla had no qualms about eating them right off the vine!  Mostly we enjoyed trying to find the biggest strawberry.  At the end of the picking, we went home and made strawberry shortcake right away.  It was a lot of fun and we are planning on going next week again to restock some of the frozen berries we have already dug into!

Check out my next post for ideas of what to do with 25 pounds of strawberries!

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