Friday, October 11, 2013

Learning with Pumpkins

I bought a couple packs of the mini pumpkins and funny shaped gourds the other day.  I can't help it.  I love the colors of Fall and needed some decorations to spruce up the house.  I originally had them all in a big clear plastic bowl (so the bright yellows, oranges, greens would shine through) but when I left the room, something else happened. 

They turned into fantastic learning tools.

"Playing with pumpkins" has become a fast favorite activity in this house.

After dumping them out all over the floor, we can do so many things with them.

Line them up.

Count them.

Jump over them.

Sort them by color.

Sort them by shape.

Make shapes out of them.

Paint them.
Next stop for these painted pumpkins and gourds is gluing googly eyes and pom poms on them, for pumpkin "guys".

I love that I can leave these gourds and pumpkins out on the shelf for the kids to play with - making them functional as well as decorative!  I definitely feel like they are worth the money for a fun seasonal learning tool and decoration.
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  1. Bless you for allowing the kids to play with the decorations (and having decorations they can touch). Every moment is a learning one for children.

  2. Thanks Marilyn! I have really been trying to make sure that anything I have at their level they can get into and just turn it into something learning rather than just making a mess :)