Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Easter baskets, eggs and everything in between (literally)

I am always trying to stay away from extra candy during holidays. Of course then you are left with buying toys or trinkets that generally are cheap and break easily. Or you end up spending $20-30 on each basket (not feasible for us).  And frankly, my kids have plenty (too much, in my opinion) and really don't need any extra clutter for the sake of having a basket-filler. 

So where does that leave you when the Easter Bunny comes around?  And then you also have to fill eggs.  What, other than candy, can go in there?

My Grandma used to fill Easter eggs with change. It was always exciting to see if you got a quarter or a dime or a penny. When we were done, we pooled the money together and divided it evenly so everyone got $5. It seemed like so much!  $5!  Now, I feel like $5 doesn't get you very much at all. 

We have done candy in past years, but it's always a struggle for me to left them eat it afterwards. Like with Halloween, they are only allowed a little at a time and I end up throwing the majority of it away. So what's the point of that?  I don't want that candy sitting in a bag for endless days, but I also don't want kids gorged out on sugar. 

Yesterday, I got basket-fillings while local stores had some good sales.
ignore the upside down Larabar
Each kid is getting a spiral notebook and a new pack of metallic crayons.  We found LED mini flashlights at the Dollar Tree that will be fun for playing outside in the summer.  The peanut butter chocolate chip organic granola bars and organic fruit strips were on sale, so I am going to divide those up. And Larabars (peanut butter chocolate chip) were on sale too, the kids will be super excited for those.  As their one piece of actual candy, I bought the Reese's pieces filled carrots because we all love chocolate and peanut butter (in case you couldn't tell).  As their knick-knacky toy, I got the boys carrot shaped darts to throw at each other and Calla a new sparkly nail polish (She will die). 

Otherwise, I am kind of stuck. We have a million other art supplies and chalk and bubbles galore.  I feel like this is the same conundrum I get into with Christmas stockings. I want them to appreciate what they have rather than get "stuff" just for the sake of "stuff". 

My kids REALLY want for nothing. 

Which is good.


What are you filling your Easter eggs with this year?  What holiday traditions do you have?  Has any one tried stuffing stickers in those dang plastic eggs?  Also, what's your opinion on the Easter basket grass (personally, it's not allowed at our house. Same goes for tinsel).  

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  1. I am SO with you! Except that right now I'm so anti-stuff that I'm ignoring Easter baskets entirely. Your post is getting my wheels turning, and cash (maaaaybe a buck or two in paper??) "30 minutes past bedtime" "ice cream date with mom"...that kind of stuff??