Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Brong Family and the Night Shift

Monday was Matt's first day working the night shift. It's a 12am to 9am shift. In theory, it sounded awesome! He would be home during the day, even if he slept the 8 hours, that's him getting up at 5pm. I would have the vehicle all day, could take the boys to all the on base playgroups, get the grocery shopping, errand running all done without an exuberant about of planning. Now that it's getting cold, we could run over to Osan and play at the AAFES playground. Don't get me started on why the Air Force base is much cooler than ours. We could do play dates during the day. All these high hopes.

And it's not bad, instead of getting home at 9am, Matt doesn't get home until 11am. That rules out all the playgroups, because they all end at 11am. I HAVE been getting errands done. I was able to donate three boxes of clothes/toys/crap to the thrift store as well as mail two Christmas packages. Yesterday was productive.

I guess it's just different. It's hard not to wake up Matt so I can have some help around the house. It's hard for Gabe not to wake Matt up to play. It's hard for Zander to take naps when he can look over the rails of his crib and see Matt. It's hard for me to stay up until 12am when Matt leaves, knowing that I'll be up at least twice with Zander and then permanently up at 8am. I don't know, I guess we'll get used to it. Hopefully it won't be for that long!

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