Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cleaning House

For the past couple weeks, I've been working on reorganizing our house. As soon as the Christmas tree came down, I was itching to start making this apartment bigger and less clustered. I've been downsizing everything from videos and games to furniture and books and have FINALLY got our apartment in a condition that I'm satisfied with. I'm frustrated that it's taken so long to finally get it right, but happy that we can spend the rest of our time here much more comfortably! Here are some pictures of what the rooms look like.

The boys room (ignore the screaming child in the crib and the toys all over the floor). Finally got the crib into Gabe's room. Also we were lucky enough to get the hutch in the corner from our friends here. It's big enough that we can fit both Gabe and Zander's clothes into it eliminating the need for the dresser we have in there and equaling more floor space.

This is the new and improved living room floor plan. We've moved the computer to the wall between the two bed rooms and Gabe's toy box next to the TV. It's so much more open and gives the boys more room to run/crawl around and play.

Last but not least, my biggest project, organizing the "junk room" in the front bedroom. It has been a dumping ground and storage since we've moved in and I finally got it cleaned out enough that the boys can play there! Yes, there's still stuff in there, like the extra twin mattress and stroller, vacuum, steam cleaner and Christmas tree, but without a garage or storage unit, it has to go somewhere. Gabe got the Toy Story table for Christmas and the other coffee table has toy storage under it. Also, I got all of Gabe's art supplies organized into a book shelf so he can do playdoh or art whenever he wants. My biggest accomplishment was clearing enough area for me to set up a workspace for doing scrapbooking!! I have room to spread out my papers and stickers and finally work on getting pages done. It has been a long time since I've had room for this stuff, I'm so excited about getting back into a creative mindset. Most of all, the boys can be in the same room while I work, best of both worlds!!

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