Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Nook

This is my NOOK. I am in love. You will be too. I might seem a little obsessed, dedicating a whole post and several pictures, but please don't judge me. Especially not until you get one of your own. If you are an avid reader, I highly recommend it. I love that it plays music, that it cruises the internet, that it reads not only B&N files but any pdf file. I love that it makes it so easy for me to start and stop reading at any time.

This is the NOOK sad and lonely on my kitchen table.

This is the NOOK watching me and Gabe play the Kinect. It gets jealous very easily and stares longingly until I pick it up.

This is what the NOOK looks like when it's getting ready to change your life.

This is what a NOOK looks like when it loads up, well, not just any NOOK. This one is mine because it has Zander's picture as the background. Every other NOOK just has the standard wallpaper. The bottom part is the touch screen and how you navigate your options.

This is what it looks like when you go to your library page. It has the list of books to choose from, but also has the book covers at the bottom. That's the biggest reason I chose the NOOK over the Kindle. I like the look of the covers and that it shows them when you're reading the books. Also, I really like that it has expandable memory, you can insert up to 16 GB memory card to store any kind of music files, picture files or pdf files.

This is what the NOOK screen looks like when you start reading. I'm not going to lie, I was skeptical. How can it really look like a page? How can it not be reflective? But it's true, it doesn't blur and while it's not textured like a page, it's pretty similar in font and color. I would most compare it to the screen of an etch-e-sketch. The only part that's reflective is the touch screen at the bottom. It's not back lit, so you can't read in the dark, but also it makes it easier on the eyes and doesn't blur. Also, the arrows on the side are how you turn pages. I really like that it has arrows on both sides for both directions, that way no matter which hand you hold it with, you can turn the pages.

This is what your NOOK looks like when it's on screensaver. It has all these really cool pictures of famous authors and changes every time it goes to idle for 10 minutes. This is Oscar Wilde.

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