Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spring Thaw

It's starting to get warm enough for us to get out and walk around for more than a couple minutes. The high has been 45 degrees the last few days. Gabe asked me if we could go to the water park yet. While the snow is starting to melt, there was still enough for him to throw a few snowballs. Zander and I took a walk down the sidewalk leading to the base entrance.

These are the bushes on the sides of the road as you enter our alley, to our apartment.

As you walk down the sidewalk, towards base, this is the view across the rice paddy to our apartment. You can kind of make out the green awning, that's our parking spot. In the spring and summer, rice grows in this field. To get to our base, you have to walk past here. I do not enjoy it and usually walk fast or run through here in the spring/summer. I have seen numerous spiders (the size of softballs), snakes, praying mantis (size of a small dog) and millipedes on this route. Bugs grow huge over here.

This is the sidewalk, where I walk fast/run to get through before a giant bug or snake dart out from the rice paddy. The first picture is the way from our apartment. The second picture is the way to the base.

This is across the road from our apartment. All the green netting is for the "golf course". It's really a driving range. Koreans are obsessed with golf but have very few actual courses and plenty of ranges.

This is the business right across the street from us - K6 Auto Sales. They are a car dealership and auto body shop. The gaudy yellow sign is what we tell people to look for when trying to get to our apartment.

This is the view of our alley from the road. This past summer they did a lot of construction on the apartment building in front of ours, adding on that whole extra two floors and covered "garage". Our landlord added the green awning to our parking lot.

This building has been deserted since before we moved in. It's all drywalled and cemented in, but for some reason, the landlord that owns the building in front of us and also owns this building, isn't paying to finish it. It's a lovely eyesore.

The green awning in our driveway. It's super nice, especially in the winter. No more scraping the windows or defrosting! The only thing I don't like is that they've assigned us parking spots based on what floor we live in. Because we live in the third floor, we are the third spot from the left. It's a little tight when we back out around the gate and end up backing into the driveway of the apartment building across from ours. I wish they would have assigned spots based on vehicle size.

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