Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day festivities

It has been awhile since we did painting art, so in honor of V-Day, I experimented with cutting out shapes in potatoes to use them as stamps. This is the first time I've ever done that, although I've always heard you could, and we had some extras that had started to grow sprouts. So, the method that worked the best for me was to cut the potato in half and then jam a cookie cutter in it and cut around the cookie cutter. It left a beautifully perfect heart, star and circle. I was very impressed with myself. Anyway, Gabe created a mural of pink, red and white hearts, stars and circles for our laundry room window.

Gabe said he's going to karate chop me with paint. He can do the one-eyebrow trick like Matt.

We made a heart out of his hands and tried to get it in paint on the paper. It was great in theory, but I couldn't really get him to understand what I meant and I couldn't take pictures if I was going to paint my own hands. So we just got a bunch of random side-hand prints.

I got this idea from another Mom here at Camp Humphreys. She suggested making a "love tree" with hearts for every person you loved. Instead of a tree, we just cut out different size and color hearts and labelled them with names and something we like/love about that person. Gabe was hard at work "writing" what he liked about everyone.

My favorite heart.

We put the hearts on our window after we labelled them with everyone's names.

The hearts from our family.

Matt loves lasagna, and I'm not a fan. But I do like making lasagna roll-ups. I feel like I can portion out my cheese and pasta better and not go overboard. I only make it on special occasions. I also made chocolate chip cookies and used half wheat flour so I'd feel a little better as I chowed down on them. Thankfully he's taking the three dozen left to work with him.

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