Monday, February 14, 2011

Basketball update

These are some pictures Matt and I took at Gabe's second and third basketball practice. As you can tell, they haven't turned out that great, but I figured I'd share them none the less. It's hard for us to get pictures during basketball. I am helping with stretches and running drills with half of the kids. Matt is taking care of Zander. But, it's definitely worth it. Gabe's learning a lot and doing really well. It's definitely a different experience for him, seeing me as a coach and seeing other kids listening to me. So far, we haven't had a single emotional breakdown where he's had to sit out.

In the first couple weeks, they learned dribbling from one line to another and back, side shuffles and running and stopping when they hear a whistle. Also, shooting a basket (emphasis on elbows up), bounce passing and throwing the ball up and catching it. This past week, we worked harder on dribbling, now dribbling in diagonal lines around cones. They also had to run and when they heard the whistle, jump. Also, instead of bounce passes between parent and child, they bounce passed to each other in groups of two and three.

They start playing "games" in three weeks!! It'll be very interesting to see how that goes! But I'm very impressed with how fast everyone is picking up on the drills. They are all working so hard and learning so much!

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