Monday, April 25, 2011

Zander vs. chocolate chip pancakes

On special days (like holidays) or days that Matt's not home for dinner, I make chocolate chip pancakes. Matt doesn't believe in Brinner (breakfast for dinner), he calls it unnatural. I think he's ridiculous and that you can eat pancakes and eggs any time of the day or night, at least I can. Anyway, I always make a lot so we'll have leftovers to reheat throughout the rest of the week (or at least a couple days). Because Easter counts as a special day, I made chocolate chip pancakes and eggs for breakfast on Sunday.

Zander decided that he really likes chocolate chip pancakes. In all honesty, Zander really likes all foods. He eats anything and everything for the most part. My favorite kind of eater, the nondiscriminatory one. Zander decided he likes pancakes so much, he ate four full size ones. And then went on to eat a banana and an eight ounce bottle.

My favorite kind of kid, the one that packs food away. And then runs towards the bathtub, so we can get all that chocolate out of his hair, eyebrows and behind his ears.

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