Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Zander's birthday videos

Gabe has been trying to help Zander start walking on his own by "walking" him around the living room. It's so much fun for both of them. Zander walks along everything, pushes the high chair and computer chair around and will walk if you hold only one hand. He doesn't have the confidence to take any steps without holding yet, but I bet it won't be too much longer!

We put Zander's presents on the toy box in the living room and both boys were ogling them all day. Zander finally got sick of Gabe honing in on his presents and started edging him out. Gabe had a hard time remembering that this was Zander's special day. My favorite part is when Gabe starts singing "I'm gonna spank your bum," and Zander starts dancing. Zander definitely doesn't pull his punches and it'll be interesting the bigger he gets. Gabe will have to learn the hard way that he can't push Zander around.

He did a really good job opening the paper but the tape tripped him up. Gabe was chomping at the bit to "help" open them.

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