Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So much going on!

I know that I've gotten behind on updating this blog and it's not from the lack of having topics to talk about. We have been on the go almost everyday for the last couple weeks!

We were able to go to the Seoul Grand Park Zoo again with our friends. It was the first time Zander had every been to a Zoo and loved every minute of it. When we went before, it was shortly after Zander was born. We went with on a group trip organized by Camp Humphrey's and while we enjoyed it, we weren't able to stay and see everything as much as we would have liked. This time, in travelling on our own schedule, we got to the Zoo much earlier and stayed much later than we had been able to before. We saw (almost) all the animals and exhibits and were much more able to enjoy and stroll around the park. It was very enjoyable and definitely worth the price and drive to Seoul. To anyone in Korea, I highly recommend it!

Last Saturday, Matt's company hosted a trip to Everland (Korean Disney World) and we were thrilled to go again. Our first time at Everland, I was 5 months pregnant with Zander and it was the dead of winter. This time around, I am still 5 months pregnant but there were so many crowds of people we weren't able to experience all the parts of the park we would have liked. Also, in taking a group trip, we didn't have nearly the amount of time to spend as we would have liked. There's so much to see, you really need to get there when it opens and stay until close. We did have fun though and were able to experience parts of the park that had been closed during the winter while also revisit previous favorites. Both boys loved all parts of the park but I think the Zoo was definitely more exciting. I think the biggest disappointment of Everland was the lack of souvenirs, there wasn't really anything specifically from Everland to buy. Fake, furry animal ears are a Korean tradition, but Matt and I both nixed those for the boys.

Otherwise, we've been busy just around Humphrey's. Now that the weather is nice and not getting scorching hot in the mornings, we've been meeting friends at the Zoeckler Field track 2-3 mornings a weeks for at least two hours. It has been great exercise for everyone! The kids run around and play with outside toys, while the Mom's walk and talk around the track. What a great way to unwind and get out the pent-up energy for everyone!

Also, as I'm sure everyone knows already, we are happy to announce that baby Brong #3 is a girl! Last week Tuesday, we had an ultrasound in Osan and were happily surprised by not only her gender but also her size. Apparently, baby girl is measuring bigger than average (5 days bigger), but my OB said that unless the difference in due date was +/- 11 days, she'll be fine to have the original due date (October 28th). She's more than welcome to make her appearance anytime after 38 weeks.

Today was the first time we've been able to visit the water park (Splish and Splash) since it opened the last week of May. It was the perfect day for it, not blistering hot and a nice breeze. The boys had a great time! Zander LOVES the water and couldn't decide if he wanted to stay at the zero-entry pool or play with the dragon slide. Gabe had lots of fun with his friends and water gun. Thankfully, it was not nearly as crowded as it has been in the past. It was so relaxing to sit in the sun with the breeze and the water that Zander fell right asleep as he ate his ice cream cone. He didn't stay asleep for long (1/2 hour) and was ready to get right back in the water. In other news, Zander is officially walking! He has been toting around the house for the past couple days, but the water park was a break through and he took lots of steps without holding onto a hand.

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