Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The beginning of the end of bullying

Since we've been here, Zander has developed the bullying phase.  Isabella is a sweet baby girl (about 7 months younger than Zander) and has been nice enough to share all her toys and books with Zander.  Unfortunately, Zander thinks it's all his, especially whatever Isabella has.  He could be playing across the room, but the moment he sees baby Isabella crawling after something, he drops what he has and tries to outrun her to whatever has attracted her attention.  Oh, it makes me mad! 

Thankfully Isabella has such a sweet disposition that it doesn't even faze her and she just moves on to something else, letting Zander have the fought-after toy. 

Until a couple days ago.

Thankfully, we were able to capture this moment:

I'm so glad that Isabella is learning to stand up to Zander!  He needs to learn that he can't push the smaller kids around, and she's just the sweetheart to teach him.  While we still have time before the new baby is old enough to play with toys, hopefully having Isabella push him back will put an end to this bullying phase.

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