Friday, September 2, 2011



Or as I like to call it, tbe newest online addiction.

If you haven't been there already, go to and sign up NOW.  If you already have an account, click on the "Follow Me" link on the right side of my blog.  Do it.  I'll wait.

If you're a little skeptical, keep reading.  I promise I can change your mind.

Pinterest is (I don't even know how to describe the awesome genius of this website.  There are no words.) a website you can visit to be inspired.  Inspired how?  There's really no limit to it's depth.  I know, I'm getting a little overboard, but I get like that when I'm really passionate about something.  And I'm passionate about this website.

Imagine a place where you can "pin" any and all your ideas for any and all subjects.  And they will be saved on "boards" until you want to visit them again.  Also, there are endless amounts of other people's ideas and inspirations.  I had created a saving system prior to being introduced to this mecca of creativity. 

It was a plain black binder with plastic page protectors.  In it, I would print off any ideas I saw online and file it in there to save for later use.  It was in no way ideal.  Pages would fall out of organization, paper was wasted, ink was wasted, browsers would be closed accidently.  I felt a little like the hoarder, saving and gathering random pieces of paper, and that made me nauseous.  I evolved to using "bookmarks", where I "bookmarked" every website where I saw something I wanted to remember.  This was also less than ideal.  My "bookmark" list grew and grew, links were broken, I saved "bookmarks" on the laptop and couldn't access it on the desktop, I forgot what I was saving it for.

Pinterest has solved all these problems.  Once you create an account, you create "boards" with any title you want and then you can search for specific ideas or just browse the current "pins".  Every pin has a link that describes the picture, tells you how to recreate that idea.  People that follow you or you follow are updated with your/their latest pins.  You can tag other people that have pinterest accounts to share ideas.  Everything is saved.  Everything is organized.  New ideas and inspirations are posted daily.  The creativtiy never ends.

For all of you that are still not won-over, let me share a couple of my "pins". 

I have a "board" entitled "Design Ideas" - here's one of my "pins" to remember:

Here's the link that describes how this particular piece was made:

Another "pin" in Design Ideas -

Here's the link for how to make your own coasters:

See what I mean? 

Two ideas posted on Pinterest that are easy and cheap to replicate.  

There are lots and lots more.  There are outfit ideas, hair cuts, photography, weddings, recipes, DIY (do-it-yourself) projects, holiday gift ideas, all kinds of projects for kids, quotes, decorations... the list is endless.

So.  If you are a crafty or want-to-be crafty person, a recipe connoisseur, a clothes horse or someone that just wants to save money by doing it yourself - please check out Pinterest

It will change your life.  It's definitely changed mine.

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  1. Okay, I'm going to have to try this out; I have so many craft-related bookmarks I have forgotten what most of them were about!