Monday, October 17, 2011

"Really? Really, Zander?"

Oh, Zander. 

Let me take a big breath and remember all the cute, sweet, wonderful things you do while I try not to freak out about the half bottle of lotion you have pumped out all over the floor and rubbed in your hair.

Let me find my inner peace before I begin to guess how much of this lotion you've ingested.

The story -

Zander was pulled out of the nightly bath before he got his hair washed.
Zander was diapered and pajama'ed.
Zander has an affinity for the pink Johnson baby lotion.
Zander was left alone for five minutes with said lotion.
Zander pumped out and "washed" his hair with half of the bottle of lotion.
Zander was thrown back into the tub and had his hair washed again.

Moral of the story-

Zander's hair has a lovely lotionly sheen and his scalp is dandruff-free.

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