Friday, October 21, 2011

Many faces of Zander

Taking pictures of the boys in their costumes today (entry coming soon), I realized I love the many faces of Zander.  His face is so expressive.  I'm mad at myself for switching the camera to a higher ISO, equalling the fuzzy quality of pictures.  I will tell you, though, it is dang hard to take up close pictures of him in low lighting and not have them turn out blurry.  Maybe as I figure out this new camera (Did I forget to mention our NEW CAMERA??) I'll get better.  Until that day (the day that I mysteriously have hours to read the manual and every other piece of literature ever posted online), we will have to deal with fuzzy, "noisy" pictures.

It's his eyes.  I can't get over his baby blues.

Oh yeah, I remember where I've seen them before...

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