Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hanging around

Zander, Calla and I have developed a daily routine for when Matt and Gabe are gone.  This is a sneak peek into our life:

Calla sleeps.  For usually 2-3 hours at a time.  I count my blessings daily.

She even sleeps while I try newly made bows on her head.  I am so lucky.

Zander is an outside boy.  If he could live outside, he would.  He spends as much time as I'll let him outside.

Especially if that means he can trounce around fighting imaginary bad guys with a light saber and crown.

In his pajamas.

Wonder where he gets that from?

"Don't make fun of my crown, Mom."

Sometimes we take pictures of our feet.  Zander also has a thing for shoes.

He wants to wear them constantly.  Thankfully, there's a Croc store in the outlet mall here.

Nothing cuter than a little kid wearing big huge rubber shoes.  And he can get them on himself.  Double win.

Pictures of hands too.  Why not?  They're not little forever.  

Mostly, I sit and watch him discover the world.  Best job in the world.

Sometimes, if we're really bored, we even take pictures of the dog.

Oh, Cher-Cher.

When Dad gets home, the routine changes.  A little.

Instead of trouncing in Crocs, Zander wears Daddy's boots.

I told you he has a thing with shoes.

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