Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Birthday recap in pictures

Gabe's birthday party:

We made butterflies and caterpillars out of two clothespins hot glued together.  Before the party, I hot glued the googly-eyes on the tops of the clothespins.  At the party, kids accordion folded construction paper for the butterfly wings, glued pom poms on the 'backs' and used pipe cleaners as antennae.  Gabe decided to make a bat instead of a butterfly or caterpillar.

I made dirt cups for the kid's dessert.  Instead of using pudding for the base, I mixed up baked cake with frosting (like you would for cake pops).  Then I used smashed chocolate cookies for dirt, mixed food coloring with rice krispy cereal for grass (the more common ingredient is coconut) and topped every cup off with a gummy worm.

We had a great time with all Gabe's friends, playing and enjoying the outside weather.

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