Sunday, June 3, 2012

First day of potty training Zander

This is an update from my iPad. I am trying to get used to doing this since in 23 days we will be leaving all our worldly possessions (minus what I can fit in the van) and road tripping it back to Michigan for the summer. That means the desktop stays here, along with my PSE 8 and other awesome photo editting software. It also means that my updates will probably be sparse and mostly pictures. I am not sure how many recipes or projects I will be accomplishing. But we are extremely excited to be headed out of El Paso for an extended amount of time.

Looking forward to fresh, breathable air with no sand storms.

Green grass to frolick and run around with bare feet.

Relaxing days are in our future.

But I digress, I started this post with the intention of talking about our first successful day of potty training Zander.

This morning, after waking up and stripping off his diaper, he decided to start potty training himself. He used his potty chair and refused to wear a diaper. Put one on and he would immediately take it off.

So. I guess it is time to start. I was planning on waiting a little longer for him to be able to communicate more effectively, but if he is ready, who am I to make him wear a diaper?  He got to wear Gabe's underwear (since I hadn't planned this out very well and don't have any for him yet) which just made his day.

Summary of the first day:

One used diaper (put on while we ran errands).
Two accidents (was too busy playing with Gabe).


Side note - I found that if I set a timer for a minute and had him sit there until the timer went off or until he got tired of messing with the buttons, it helped keep his attention away from getting up and he went more often.  We will see if he continues to be entertained by this method.  I got the timer at the Dollar Tree (score!).  Also, he likes looking at the pictures of the Sesame Street characters on the seat and at books we have for tub time.

Future black mail picture

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