Monday, June 4, 2012

For my kids... a letter from your Momma

I have been so busy this past week.  Worry about this or that.  Trying to control things outside my reach.  Cleaning.  Working out.  Forgetting to take time and enjoy my children.  

On Saturday and Sunday, we took the time to have fun.  

Saturday night, the boys and I had a water gun fight.  It was the first time this summer we had played together, all together.  It was so fun and such a release from the stress of life.

Sunday afternoon, I set up a sprinkler for Zander and Calla to play in and Gabe rode his bike.  I just sat back and took pictures.  Soaked up the fun and the joy from the simple things that entertained them.  Sitting there reminded me of all the small things I love about my kids.

Dear Calla,

I love your smirky smile and your chubby cheeks.  I love the way you wave your arms when you see me and need me to pick you up.  I love the way your ears stick out, just like your older brother.  You are your own person and won't bend to anyone's will.  You know what you want and will scream (literally) until you get it. I am thankful for you every day.  Thankful that (even though we didn't think we were ready) you came out knowing what was best for us.  I can't imagine a minute without you in my life.  

You make me smile.

Dear Zander,

I love your fearlessness.  You enjoy every second of life and embrace each day with a happy, upbeat attitude.  I love how much you talk and when you get frustrated with me trying to understand your made up language.  You stand up for your brother when he gets in trouble.  You try to make Calla laugh when she is upset.  Your smile and sweet voice reminds me that you are only two years old.  And will only be two years old for a blink of an eye.  I would keep you small if I could, but the world needs the man you will become.

You make me laugh.

Dear Gabe,

I am so proud of you.  I love your sensitive nature, how deeply you care about your friends and family and believe the best in everyone.  I love that you are starting to become your own person.  This week is your last week as a Kindergartener and I am so thankful that you love school and learning.  You are my constant shadow and reminder to hold my tongue and cool my temper.  With you, I became a parent and I am blessed to have you for a son.

You make me happy.

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