Thursday, June 7, 2012

First day of summer, Our plans (or lack there of) and Instagram

And so... Gabe is officially done with Kindergarten. Despite his graduation being a couple weeks ago, the school year ended on Wednesday.

He cried. "I am going to miss my friends. I am going to miss my teacher."

A couple hours later, all was resolved with a community water gun fight, sprinkler session and sand/rock/weed cake-making.

And also static hair from playing in the tent. I love summer.
Today was the first day of no school and I kept thinking it was Saturday. All day, I couldn't figure out the lunch rush at Subway. Couldn't figure out why the gate was so backed up. What are all these people doing on base on a Satur- oh wait. When there are no school days and no work days, they all blend together in a complete, lazy lack of schedule.

The boys got haircuts today. Gabe has been begging for a mohawk.

So, as you can tell from the picture of my weekly calendar (that I so obviously ripped off Pinterest) we have very little planned. Not usually the way I like it, but it seems to be working for us right now. The countdown to the road trip to Michigan is now 19 days away. Eek! So many things to do still. So many things to purge. So many things to pack.

I know everyone wants to know our plans and everyone is going to want to see us. But I really look forward to a vacation time. I say that every time and invariably end up running all over Michigan to see everyone. This time, I am putting my foot down and determined to make this a vacation, not stress-induced, juggling circus act where I drag all three kids (and dog) all over the state. I have been making some plans, but for the most part, I want us to enjoy this summer. Very soon, we might be making some big changes and our family needs this down time for relaxation. Thank you for understanding.

On a sidenote, these pictures were all taken with the Instagram app (follow me!) just made available for the Android phones. I am brand new to the Instagram revolution and am conflicted. I love the instantness, being able to take pictures and edit them and post them withn a mater of a couple seconds. I love being able to develop a collection and have a social media following. I don't like the resolution and lack of quality that a regular camera offers. Maybe this is just my camera. I also don't like that I can't access my photos until after they are published. I am a control freak and for this reason I think I dislike Instagram the most.

Does this mean I will stop using this app? Of course not. But if any one has any tricks of the trade or can recommend anything about using this app, please let me know. Maybe the Apple system just works better with this. Until my phone is eligible for an upgrade next year, I guess I am stuck with my Android.

Double side note - Zander's potty training is going much better than expected. I plan a follow up post at a week's mark. Fair warning, if you don't want to read about my son's bodily functions, I suggest you don't read it.

Also, I have a ton of new recipes I am trying to push out. Many don't have pictures (I apologize) but that is what happens when you have to inhale your food while trying to entertain the baby and keep the two year old at the table, while bartering with the six years about how many more bites until he can get down and play.

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