Saturday, June 9, 2012

Make Your Own: magnet faces for car trips

I have been scouring Pinterest for road trip activities for the kids for our three day trip to Michigan.  I always anticipate the worst.  But seriously, the drive time by itself is 27 hours.  This is hard road time, not including a hundred pit stops for bath room breaks, gas fill ups and whatever else we end up stopping for.  While I am anxious to be back 'home', I am not looking forward to this car trip.

This is what I envision.  Brace yourself.

So, in an effort to minimize the screaming, cup and snack throwing I have been brainstorming ideas of time wasters. 

I found how to make these magnet faces on a link from Pinterest.  

I did a couple things differently than in this post.  This blogger mod-podged the base face to a cookie sheet and then printed all the clip art face shapes on magnetic paper.  I want the boys to be able to use the cookie sheets for multiple activities, so I cut everything out, laminated it with contact paper and attached magnetic stickers to the back of each piece.

My old nemesis - contact paper
There are a couple hair pieces that I skipped out on because my printer ran out of ink.  Also, a couple of the pieces I traced and cut out of construction paper.  These pieces are a lot more sturdy than the regular printer paper, but I didn't want to take the time to trace and cut every single piece.  I ended up making three face bases (tongue twister) instead of just one because I know that they will end up fighting over it and there really are enough facial shapes to go to more than one face.

Once it was done, the fun began:

Side note - The blonde one looks surprisingly like my sister Rosie and her patented death stare.  In fact, that just became the contact picture for her in my phone.  I guess you'd have to see her to believe it.  But trust me when I say that this is a perfect replica, and also that you never want to be on the receiving end of this face.

Cost of project::

Two cookie sheets from the Dollar Tree:  $2
Magnet strips (from Walmart - only used half the pack) - $1.25
Contact paper - already had
Printer/construction paper - already had

In the end, it is super cheap to make this fun time waster, but it is a little time consuming to make.  I think you can probably buy something like this, but I am not sure where or how much it would cost.  If you have a free hour and want to make something to keep your kids entertained, I highly recommend this.

On the same post, the blogger has multiple other ideas for using a cookie sheet or pie pan to make car activities, but my Grandma actually gave me the most genius idea ever.  It will blow your mind (especially if you have boys).

Put magnets on the bottom of the plastic Army guys.

Seriously?  Where have you been all my parenting life?  You mean my crazy-Army brat-fighting-battle kids can now play Army guys in the car on a cookie sheet without them falling all over the car when ever we hit a bump?  Or have to stop?  And they don't have to pick them up, just lay them on their seat when they get out?

You want to put Army guys climbing up the refrigerator?  Sure.  Up the dishwasher?  Why not.

Mind completely blown.

Thanks Grandma.

You have no idea how much you just revolutionized our car trips.

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