Thursday, October 11, 2012

Still alive! No worries...

We are still alive, I promise!  Despite being out of rotation for months now, we are finally getting settled into our new house, city, state, lifestyle.  A lot has happened since we left Texas.  We spent a fantastic summer at my family's cottage, enjoying lazy days in the sun and lake.  I caught up on lots of reading.  Gabe learned to swim under water.  Calla started crawling (is already almost walking!) and Zander is talking more than ever.  It really is amazing how much a few months, a drastic change in environment and being so close to the ones we love can affect a family.  We are loving Michigan more than ever - cold weather and all.  There are lots and lots of changes in the future for us (Matt starting a new job, Gabe starting Boy Scouts, hopefully buying a house) but I really think that getting out of the Army was the best decision for us and our children.

Below is a small photo recap of our summer adventures - please bear with me regarding the pictures, I don't have my Photoshop completely reinstalled, so I haven't gotten any of my pictures editted.

Last bit of business - now that I am no longer a military wife, I have to brainstorm a new blog title and web address.  Suggestions?  I have a couple of ideas but if you have any, feel free to throw them out here.  When I get four or five candidates I will post a poll!

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