Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Trees tutorial and freebies

This time of year is the time to be thankful.  I keep seeing lots of different ideas for making big Thankful trees on Pinterest, but I found these 3D trees at Target on the clearance racks (marked down to $1!).  I like that they are on heavy cardboard and can stand up by themselves.  They came with leaf stickers to put on the branches and we have been writing our daily "thankful" and sticking it on.  I decided to trace the two pieces and make them available to download for everyone!

Below each picture of the tree is a link where you can download your copy of the tree.  To download them, open the link.  Then click on the button that says "Options" and click "Download".  This is the first time I have included a download in my blog post, so if it doesn't work out let me know!  I highly suggest printing them out on either heavy card stock or on paper and then tracing them on to cardboard. 

Thankful Tree side 1
Thankful Tree side 2
Here are the cutting details.  You want to cut out the little rectangles but leave the line attached.  Then to put them together, you slide the top of one into the bottom of the other and turn it so the cut outs match up with the holes.  They should lock into place and keep the tree standing up.

If you can't find stickers to write your "thankful" on, you can download free tags to hand on the tree from Jones Design Company.  Emily is the blogger there and she always has the cutest and coolest printables!

free printable tags courtesy of Jones Design Company

  In search of more free Thanksgiving decorations?  Check this out - a free Thanksgiving banner!
courtesy of
our banner in our dining room
Enjoy the freebies and let me know how the tree-making goes!

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