Monday, August 5, 2013

The Mother Load of Gluten-Free recipes

For those of you that are interested in trying out the gluten-free lifestyle or just want to try some new recipes, here is the mother load of lists!  We tried all of these recipes and they were all big hits, many of them we have made more than once already.

Sarah Bakes: Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

All Things GD: KIND knock-off bars
Chowstalker: Paleo Jalapeno Chicken Burgers
Jenn's RAQ: Paleo Cereal
My Primal Adventure: Shrimp Creole
So Very Blessed: Buffalo Chicken Bites
Red and Honey: Chili Cheese Lentils
Cook Glee: Crispy Chicken Tortilla Roll Ups
My Whole Food Life: All Things Granola

No. 2: Slow Cooker Chicken

Genaw: Low Carb Mexican Chicken
Brownies For Dinner: Easy Pad Thai

Lizzy Writes: Korean Beef

A Day Late and a Dollar Short: Quinoa Broccoli and Cheese
Skinny Taste: Zucchini Lasagna
There are some changes you might have to make to the recipes to make them gluten-free, like using corn tortillas instead of flour.  What I have noticed most of all is that making the change from eating wheat to not eating wheat hasn't really taken too much effort.  And it's good food!  We haven't been eating out in restaurants or ordering take out or buying frozen meals because I can't eat that.  All in all, I have noticed that wheat based products are mostly a convenience.  It is easy to toast up a bagel in the morning and over-stuff myself on spaghetti and bread sticks at dinner.  I have missed a little of the "ordering pizza" convenience but at the end of the day, I feel satisfied.  I don't find myself reaching for more snacks.  I don't feel guilty about having seconds of a protein or fruit or vegetable because I know that those will digest more fully than a wheat-based product. It really is amazing how fast your body adjusts to positive changes.

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