Sunday, September 22, 2013

Painting Trees

I have seen this tutorial numerous times on Pinterest but I never had the time to sit down with the kids and do it until today.  After my last post, about my giant realization (that I can't do it all), I decided to start taking more time enjoying what little time I have with my kids (while they are still small).  

I made time to make some memories this afternoon.  

The kids really enjoyed painting with the Q-tips.  I was really surprised how awesome they did at making dots and refrained from drawing with them.  They all got extremely creative and told stories about their trees as they painted.

Zander - "I only want to put the leaves on my branches.  Mom, I think I painted on all the top branches."

Calla - "Yellow.  No, no (when I tried to change colors).  That (pointing to yellow)."

Gabe - "Someone was really busy with raking the leaves into piles in my picture.  I am going to make it look 3D by painting different size piles of leaves."

I am really glad we took the time to enjoy today.  I love all my new art work on my clothespin wall and am excited to start decorating for Fall!

I downloaded my tree from this site:  Wedding Fingerprint Tree -  They use the tree to record fingerprints of wedding reception attendants.  I love the idea of using fingerprints to make the leaves too!  Feel free to print this off and use Q-tips or finger prints and create your own Fall masterpiece!

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  1. I just love this! I've been meaning to do this with the kids since I saw it on Pinterest!