Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Gluten Free Thanksgiving

I wrote a very detailed post last Thanksgiving about my traditional meal, what recipes I used and how I ALWAYS brine my turkey (I included the post below for a reference).  This year is a little different with us being GF (gluten-free) and all.  Can't just pick up a box of Stovetop, rolls and premade pie crusts like I have done in the past.

In honor of our new GF diet, I have included our GF recipes that we are using this year.  There are a TON of GF recipes out there, so don't be afraid!  The only thing I caution you against is buying a boxed version of a food.  I tried a boxed version of GF stuffing (can't remember the brand, sorry!) and it was NOT GOOD.  The "bread" portion of it was too mushy and did not have the consistency of regular stuffing at all.  Since that is my favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal, I was sadly disappointed.

I will be using this Gluten Free Sage Dressing recipe instead of a boxed version.  I am actually excited about this because (shh!) I have never made stuffing from scratch before.  I KNOW!  Crazy talk.  I will use two loaves of GF bread, probably Udi's only because I don't think I will have time to make two loaves of bread just for this recipe, on top of all the other holiday baking.

For my pie crusts, I will use this GF pie crust recipe.  I have made this recipe several times and have had really good luck with it.  I usually use a full stick of butter instead of a half stick and a 1/4 cup of shortening.  The only downside to it is the sweetness, it isn't as sweet as other pie crusts I have made - in fact, I have used this for our GF pot pies and it works well as a savory crust.  I might be adding an extra tablespoon of sugar to the apple and pumpkin pie crusts just to make sure that it tastes right.

Our rolls will be in the loaf form this Thanksgiving (aka homemade bread).  I have used this recipe before for a Gluten Free White Bread and I like it.  It is a little more dense than a regular fluffy store bought bread, but it makes for a good alternative.

Now, if I were cooking for a big crowd (like last year) I would probably offer both versions of rolls and stuffing, but since the majority of people that will be joining me don't care or are GF I will only be cooking one version of these and will only be making GF pie crusts.

Otherwise, I have started my planning process with the meal plan and the grocery list and am excited about trying some new things other than my GF recipes.

New to the menu this year -

Homemade Cranberry Sauce
recipe courtesy of my best friend, Krystal

One bag of Ocean Spray cranberries
2 cups sugar
2 cups water

Put everything in a pot and let it boil slowly until the cranberries burst. Let it cool and condense and serve.

Pecan Pie

I actually made this pie at Christmas and it was amazing!  This is the best pecan pie I have ever eaten and am looking forward to eating it in a couple weeks.

Pumpkin Pie

This is a new recipe from the one I did last year and I am a little nervous.  I think this one will be easier than the other and looks like it creates the perfect consistency.

Marshmallow Peanut Butter Popcorn* (I wrote it incorrectly on the list)

I haven't made this before, but it sounds amazing.  I love having for a dessert that isn't a pie.  Last year I did amazing maple pecan cookies from Nigella Lawson, but I wanted to try something different this year.  I am planning on making a double batch to mail some to Matt.  I am sure he will be ecstatic.

Otherwise, all the other recipes I am using are the same as last year.  I am planning on brining my turkey with the Pioneer Woman's Favorite Brine (minus the oranges), making my take on Paula Deen's apple pie and using the Campbell's green bean casserole recipe.

Here is the link to my blog post from last year.  This details all of the prep I put into brining the turkey.  If you haven't done it before, this is a good step by step instruction post!  If you are thinking of brining, I suggest you go for it.  Ever since I did it the first Thanksgiving (years and years ago), I have never looked back.

Guide to a perfect Thanksgiving meal

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