Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thailand Restaurant review

I am all about trying new foods and restaurants, so we decided to try out the Thailand restaurant next to the Enterprise hotel on Saturday. Matt and Gabe were a little hesitant, but the USO at Humphreys had posted a copy of their menu online, so I knew there would be food they would like. It is a really nice restaurant! There was no one else in there the whole time we were there, so we felt a little awkward with the boys being loud at times, but the staff didn't seem to mind. Whenever we try a new restaurant, we tend to over order. Sometimes because it all sounds so good, and sometimes because we don't know what will be good or not. In this case, everything was very delicious!

We ordered two appetizers:

Shrimp Cakes - We got four "cakes" that were similar to crab cakes but with shrimp instead. They were FANTASTIC. Everyone enjoyed them. Price wise, they were a little expensive - 7,500W ($6.80) for four, but tasty none the less. The decoration on the side of the plate is a carved carrot - Gabe was really impressed.

Our second appetizer was the Chicken Satay. It was barbecued chicken on skewers with a spicy peanut sauce. Matt and I liked it, the chicken had a cinnamon rub on it to make it more sweet. We got four skewers for 5,000W ($4.50) which was more in our expected price range, but we all enjoyed the shrimp cakes more.

I ordered the Chicken Pad Thai. I had never had real Pad Thai before (just out of a mix or box) and I was really surprised. It wasn't as sweet as the boxes or mixes that I'd had before, but I've heard from other people that this restaurant is super authentic. I still really enjoyed it! I really liked that they asked us how spicy we wanted our dishes on a scale of 1-5. I know that Thai food can be really spicy, so I'm glad that I could pick the level of spiciness.

Matt got the Sweet and Sour chicken and it came with a side of heart-shaped rice. He REALLY enjoyed it, especially the chunks of pineapple mixed in with the veggies. Portions were pretty sizable. Matt and I couldn't finish our meals (and we eat a lot).

Gabe got the Chicken fried rice and really liked it. It was a BIG portion!

All three of the entrées were 12,000W ($11) a piece and we ended up spending 55,000W ($50) for the whole meal (including three sodas 2,000W each). It was a little more than we were intending to spend on a meal, but we definitely ate well and had leftovers. It was definitely worth it and we'll probably go again at least once before we leave. There are plenty more items on the menu I'd like to try! I've heard that on Fridays at lunch, they serve a buffet with several items from the menu for $12 a person. That would be the best time to try this restaurant out!

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