Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Calypso Studios Inc. Product Review!

I was contacted about a month ago by Calypso Studios Inc. to test some of their new 2012 products.  If you have never heard of them, here's a short background:

Calypso Studios debuted it's business online in 2007 with fashion accessories and gifts.  Their most popular items include their "It's a Wrap Bracelets" (made of glass, clay, gold nugget or metallic beads), their eco-friendly, reusable and stylish S.H.O.P. totes (S.H.O.P. stands for Start Helping Our Planet) and most recently their Comforting Clay items (includes crosses, hearts, clips and bookmarks).  All their items are beautiful, well crafted, thoughtful and unique gift items and jewelry pieces.

I first heard about Calypso Studios from another blog (Pioneer Woman - "It's a Wrap Bracelet") and I was in love at first sight.  From there, I "liked" Calypso Studios on Facebook (you can too!) and Pinterest (click here!) and have been "following" them ever since.  I was overjoyed when I read they were asking for bloggers to test some of their new products and was even more thrilled when I received my four products in the mail!

God Bless America Clay Bracelet

This bracelet is made of clay beads that resemble the American flag and is strung on elastic.  It is a fantastic gift and accessory for anytime, not just the 4th of July.  I love that this bracelet is small enough for a child (tried on a three year old wrist) and didn't fall off, but still stretches to fit comfortably on the wrist of an adult too.

Patriotic Single Strand Wrap Bracelet

The single strand wrap bracelet is new this year to Calypso Studios and I love it!  This is by far my favorite product!  The cord is very durable (definitely held it's own at bath time with the boys) and the beads are delicate looking but very fashionable.  There are multiple colors you can buy the single strand wrap bracelet in and it makes the perfect accessory for someone like me that doesn't wear a lot of jewelry.  By far, the best feature of this bracelet is the double closure option.  There are two sizes you can make this bracelet.  I really appreciate that, since I have an extremely small wrist and normally have to pass on bracelets (they fall right off).  Also, I love the signature toggle bead.

Multi Color Neon Stretchy Keychain

Neon is making it's way back into the fashion world and finds a home at Calypso Studios.  This bracelet / keychain is perfect for people like me that have to dig through the black hole (aka my purse) every time I try to find my keys.  The elastic band is nice and stretchy to go around your wrist while still holding your keys.  Also, the key chain is easy enough to remove if you want to wear it as a bracelet.  And yes, it does glow under a black light.  Check out all their neon clay and glass beaded products!

Leila S.H.O.P. totes

Last but not least are the S.H.O.P. totes.  I love the idea of having reusable bags for groceries.  These totes come in a pack of three and are neatly wrapped up inside a smaller carrying case that clasps close.  This makes life so much easier as you have somewhere you can store the unused bags when you're done with them.  Also, I like that you can attach the bag to a purse or carry it around your wrist.  I always forget my reusable bags in the house or car, but by attaching it to my purse, I don't have to worry about remembering them.

Each individual tote also has clasps that fasten together, making the actual bags small and super portable.  When I unrolled one, I was surprised by two things.  First, how huge the totes are!  They are about double the size of a normal plastic grocery sack.  Then I noticed the colors and patterns.  These totes are gorgeous!  The colors are brilliant and I love the playful patterns.

*My wonderful friend, Ashley, was my model.  Thanks Ashley!

All in all, I am definitely impressed with the products I received and can't wait to order some for birthday and Christmas presents!  I highly recommend checking them out if you're looking for fashion-forward accessories and gifts!

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