Monday, October 28, 2013

Calla's 2nd birthday

     My last baby turned two on Saturday.  Did you hear that?  It was the sound of my heart breaking a little.  She has come so far in such a small amount of time that it astounds me.  I can't believe how much she talks, how much she knows and repeats and how much she can do by herself.  I don't know if it is being the third child or if it is just because she is so dang smart, but she is all kinds of helpful and a handful at the same time.  

    Calla Jane - I have loved you since before you were born.  You are everything I could ever want in a little girl and more.  You make me smile and laugh when I am having a rough day.  You are fiercely independent and capable of more than I could ever imagine.  I love your "from the toes" laugh, the way you smile with your teeth and the way care for everyone around you.  I see you growing up right in front of my eyes and I can't wait to see the woman you become.  

Just slow down a little first.

Happy birthday angel baby.

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